Since TKS Co. is supported by ISTT, all facilities required for manufacturing any kind of products, are available and provided by ISTT.

Technical and Specialized Laboratories:

  • Metallurgy engineering laboratories.
  • Laboratory for the mechanical characterization of materials
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering laboratories
  • Biotechnology laboratories
  • Laboratory of nanotechnology
  • Laboratory of electronics
  • Laboratory of energy and power
  • Laboratory of industrial vibration measurement and analysis
  • General manufacturing workshop
  • Industrial manufacturing workshop

Manufacturing Workshop Equipment:

  • C.N.C Milling Machine: E- MILL- C.N.C
    Machining dimensions: 250’270’300 mm; Nominal accuracy: 001/0 um
  • Lathe Machine: E-TURN C.N.C
    Nominal accuracy: 001/0 um
  • Digitizer:
    Resolution: 005/0 um; CMM machine with measurable space (R 40 mm)
  • Magnetic Grinding machine:
    Grinding dimensions: 300’1000 mm; Nominal accuracy 001/0 um
  • Milling Machine: 315
    Nominal accuracy: 01/0 mm
  • Lathe Machine:
    This device can be machined parts with a length of 150 mm and diameter of 250 mm
    Nominal accuracy: 01/0 mm
  • Column Drilling Machine:
    Nominal accuracy: 01/0 mm
  • Tool Sharpening Machine
  • VC 650- CNC milling machine:
    Machining dimensions: 500’550’650 mm